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Questions and Answers About Hyperbaric Chambers and how they work.

What issues and diseases does HBOT ( Hyperbaric oxygen therapy) help with?

Early on it was thought that HBOT only helped with Diabetes and other circularity issues but it is now well understood that all diseases and health issues  of every kind benefit dramatically due to an enhanced immune system that it helps to build as well as the mas manufacturing of stem cells that are built with each treatment in the chamber.

How does it work?

When breathing pure oxygen provided by the condenser to a face mask under low pressure ( 4 pounds ) three times the pressure we are under, the oxygen is forced into the blood cells as well as throughout the entire body thus reducing inflammation, building a stronger immune system and allowing all the organs to function much more adequately and in unison.

Oxygen is normally carried by the red blood cells only, but when HBO therapy is administered, the oxygen reaches all of the body’s fluids and therefore the oxygen is delivered to places in the body that are in need of the extra oxygen. This assists the body in natural healing. Some of the benefits of HBO therapy are the aiding of white blood cells in fighting bacteria and reduction of tissue swelling, which allows new blood vessels to grow in affected areas more efficiently.

I have cancer. Would a chamber help me?

HBOT has proven to be a major cancer fighter as Cancer does not do well in an oxygenated body. There are most likely more prescriptions written for HBOT for Cancer than any other disease. It has been written by many that Cancer cannot get started in an oxygenated body. Stage 4 cancer is often beaten by daily treatments of 1 1/2 hour treatments in a chamber.

HBOT builds a strong immune system as well as millions of cancer-fighting stem cells. For those getting chemo and or radiation HBOT could be a life-saving tool as they both destroy the immune system making it impossible for the body to fight off the disease.

My dad had a stroke. Can oxygen therapy help with that?

Yes, definitely. HBOT is excellent in helping the brain reconnect the damaged tissues. It is used in hospitals all over the country with great success.

Are they used in hospitals?

 [SPECIAL REPORT: The Hospital of Tomorro] “Hyperbaric medicine is an incredibly powerful tool. It can be as helpful and therapeutic as a surgical scalpel in the right patient for the right indication. We’re seeing a rise in specialized wound and hyperbaric centers across the United States,” says Dr. Jeffrey Niezgoda, president of the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine.

Nationwide, an estimated 1,800 to 2,000 hospitals offer hyperbyaric oxygen therapy and about 500 to 700 non-hospital based programs offer the treatment, said John Peters, executive director of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Association. Almost all hospital-based programs strictly treat “indications that have been scientifically validated” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and UHMS, he says. Non-hospital based hyperbaric oxygen programs are more likely to offer “off-label” treatments.